Dataflash stuck thread

I am flying with at least a dozen drones equiped with blue or black cubes and at least half of them have shown a “Dataflash stuck thread” problem followed by a “prearm : logging failed” message. It looks like I am having more and more occurences of this problem. Sometimes a simple restart of the drone solves the problem, sometimes it is persistent. I tried flashing the firmware (with copter 3.6.11 which I have used a lot) but with no effect. I changed the SD card with no effect (I am using Transcend ultimate class 10 sd cards) without success… On some of the drones, I finally ended up changing the cube because of this problem. I also suspected that I may have been logging too much information so I changed LOG_BITMASK parameter to reduce the load on the SD but it didn’t change the behavior. Unfortunately, I have no logs to share due to the nature of the problem but does anyone have been facing the same issue? Thank you!

Did you test 4.0.5 ? Please do not use 3.6.11. Use at least 3.6.12

Hello amlicar, Thanks for your answer. Is there a spectific commit in 3.6.12 that tackles this issue so that I understand what the problem was? I will test on 4.0.5 and keep you posted

Please read the 3.6.12 release notes to fully understand why the devteam advises everyone to update.

I2C storm fix as I recall. A major problem with some FC’s.