Dataflash log format

Hello Everyone

I’ve been looking for a definition of the Dataflash log format
Does someone has a link for that ?
I found this only :
Which isn’t enough to parse the data
The most detailed I found so far is in dronekit repo
But I would like to work from an official source if possible
I’de like to avoid diving in Mission Planner code. If no choice, I’m interested in a link or 2

Thanks in advance

1 Like converts logs to various formats (csv, json). Probably an easier piece of code to dive into than MP.

Thanks Anthony
Does that mean that log in Ardupilot is in Mavlink ?
I’m talking here about the so called “Dataflash log” works on DF logs. short example:

$ logs/00000330.BIN --types FMT
2019-04-26 04:55:03.14: FMT {Type : 128, Length : 89, Name : FMT, Format : BBnNZ, Columns : Type,Length,Name,Format,Columns}
2019-04-26 04:55:03.14: FMT {Type : 216, Length : 76, Name : UNIT, Format : QbZ, Columns : TimeUS,Id,Label}
2019-04-26 04:55:03.14: FMT {Type : 215, Length : 44, Name : FMTU, Format : QBNN, Columns : TimeUS,FmtType,UnitIds,MultIds}
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Ok, thanks Mark
So no official doc, I gonna have to reverse engineer the protocol ?
Kinda a weak…
Is there a name for this binary log protocol ?

It has its origin in sdlog2 from the PX4 project. The format is “self describing” so I guess it needs no name :slight_smile:

Héhé, the Self-Described-No-Named Protocol
Thanks for the anecdote, I’ll start from

take a look at in