Data Log Inquiries

Our team is using the pixhawk autopilot device along with Ardupilot in order to perform an autopilot mission on an unpropelled fixed wing UAV (essentially a glider). We are now at the stage of carrying out a flight analysis for our previous tests via the data logs. Our team had a few questions concerning the features in the data logs and flight playback functions.

During our flight play back, it was observed that there seems to be a pink or purple circle that is not identified in the legend. The UAV seems to be tangent to this arc at every point in the simulation. We believe that this corresponds to the radius of curvature of the flight path, is this correct? We would also like to get a better understanding of what the current heading, direct to current waypoint and target heading lines correspond to.

Our team would also like to know how we can see that the UAV has successfully passed through the designated waypoint. As far as we can tell, there is no indication that the aircraft has successfully reached the waypoint. It is our belief that our UAV has not successfully reached the waypoint and it is attempting to circle back in order to reach the first waypoint.