Data flash not available

Hello, I have a problem with the dataflash being created randomly and with incorrect dates,

so I could investigate it may be because I am not using GPS and the pixhawkis not receiving an update of the time, so my question is, what without GPS there is no dataflash? or is there any alternative to correct that?

Dataflashes do not create randomly.
They have an index and it is incremented one by one.
If you have a GPS, plug it, they will have the correct time.
If you don’t have a GPS module, set BRD_RTC_TYPES=1 (or at least the 1st bit).
This will allow the autopilot to accept SYSTEM_TIME and TIMESYNC messages from your computer.
I don’t know whether the mission planner sends this automatically or not but you can send it from the drop-down menu (I believe it was located at the actions menu).
Send this at least once after every boot from your computer to the flight controller using telemetry.


Thanks friend, I’ll try that and I’ll tell you if it works for me