Data Flash logs only recording half of our missions

Aloha oi,

We have run into an issue with our data flash logs when using v 2.78. It seems the on board logger is recording only the later of our 35-45 minute missions. Perhaps there is a simple fix for this issue but we don’t quite know how to address it. We clear the logs after each mission so there should be ample storage space on the APM. It looks like there is 87 events where the camera trigg was recorded yet we have 310 images in the file. I would attach a copy of the log but it exceeds the limit of the file size allowed. If anyone would like to review them please send me a location to where I can send them. I would be happy to. Thanks for having a look and I look forward to a resolution.

Hello Chuck,
FYI, You can post logs by using a Dropbox link.
It’s seems you are running out of space and your log is being overwritten. Perhaps you need to reduce the number if items being logged. Check the wiki, there is a bitmap in the parameters that sets which items get logged. You can also turn off items via the CLI.

Hopefully someone else will post a more concise answer here for you.

There’s your answer. Are there PARM messages in your log? If not, the log looped around and overwrote itself. Turn off some messages and you will get all your desired data (if there’s enough space for it)