D8r-II plus, no responce pixhawk!

Hi guys,

Im having a problem where i’m not getting any response from my RC receiver when plugged into the Pixhawk through a V2 PPM Encoder that came with the pixhawk set. I’ve tested it with a simple set up to ensure its not fried or anything and the reciever works absolutely fine. However when i connect it to the pixhawk through the encoder, nothing happens (no lights etc on the receiver).

This is probably due to a mistake in my wiring as i’m quite new to the “Intelligent” rc community, more used to simple 4 channel stuff to be honest :slight_smile: Any ideas? could the encoder be fried!?!

Thanks a bunch guys
Rhys Gittoes

BTW no clue where that brown wire goes in the pic ? any ideas?

Just wanted to add!

The PPM encoder seems to be [color=#BF0000]dead[/color], [color=#40FF00]No lights or any signs of power[/color] :frowning: Wonder whats wrong, maybe the brown wire.


Rhys Gittoes

Can’t see you’re encoder too clearly, but does any of this dronetrest.com/t/ppm-encoder … -for/611/2 apply?

Hello thanks for the reply.

Ok so the encoder is fine, but for some reason, it’ll only become powered on from the reciever. I tested this by putting a simple ESC into one of the channels, and putting the encoder into another channel, worked fine. However I’m unsure how I’m going to do it with my current set up?

Any ideas?

Here’s some pics

The Pixhawk powers the PPM Encoder which in turn provides power to the receiver.
The Pixhawk must be powered through either the PM or the USB connection for the PPM Encoder and the receiver to receive power.

Hello, yes thats the problem (sorry wrong pic i uploaded). When i plug it into the RCIN port, it doesnt turn on