CX-OF setup wiki incomplete?

I followed the CX-OF setup guide.

I have it connected and settings set as recommended in the wiki. I’m not getting any flow data in the quick window under flow_comp_m_x or flow_comp_m_y. I’m wondering if it has to do with an incorrect baud rate? I didn’t see any info on the wiki regarding correct baud rate for the serial port in use. I’ve tried 57 and 115 for the baud parameter. @rmackay9 what baud rate did you use for your demo? I’m using a cube on 3.6.5 with the latest beta MP. I’ve successfully used a PX4flow on this setup before.

Thanks for any help as always.

As it stated on the Wiki CX-OF supported from 3.6.4 or higher


Oops! I meant 3.6.5. Thanks for the catch.

Baud rate is 19200 but you don’t need to set as the driver forces it. There is no output to HUD , you need to check values directly pn the log for calibration.
I suggest you read the blog about it , its full of information


If you dont get “Bad OF health” messages in Mission Planner then it is working :smiley:


Andras, you need confirm IMU anf OF axes are aligned and calibrated using the logs


@ppoirier Totally agree, not getting Bad OF Health messages only means it is transmitting valid data to the FC, then indeed it needs to be calibrated and orientation checked.