CW and CCW Motor Reversal Importance

If said CW motor were wired to rotate CCW will said labeled CW motor perform just as well rotating CCW? Does it not matter as long as motors reside upon the correct arm and rotate the right direction?

CW or CCW propellers need to be on the correct arm and rotate in the mandated direction.

There is, sometimes, a mechanical difference between CW or CCW motors when CW or CCW nuts are present. It is a commercial argument, the aim is to avoid propellers to go loose when flying. At the beginning of MultiRotors, there was not such distinction and using Nylstop nuts or thread locker was fine and is still fine today.


Im not quite sure what you are asking but hopefully this will be helpful… Brushless 3 phase motors which are common on multicopters are not inherently directional. Swap any 2 of the 3 phase connections and the direction will reverse. The props on the motors typically only work efficiently in one orientation. The position on the air frame is important with regard to the ability to yaw. If you swap CW with CCW then the aircraft will turn in the opposite direction from which it intends…

Okay makes sense. So for that matter, is the counter sunk prop nut for CW rotation or is it that the nut should tighten if held above on the threads spinning the motor in its respective direction.

the way i think about it to visualize it for myself is that the jerk of the motor when it spins up should tightens the nuts. If you think about it that way it should be obvious

Perfect! I appreciate the clarification. I had a feeling thats how it
should go so recently switched all motors around to respective motor jerk
rotation = tightening prop nut.

Robin, not sure if it is just your wording or I am reading things that aren’t there, but the most important is to get the motor spin direction in line with the documentation, otherwise you won’t have yaw control. Then you need to get the props orientation aligned to the motor spin direction and the prop threads/nuts mounted accordingly “so that the spin up jerk tightens the nut”.

The way you write sounds like you did it other way round, i.e. set motor spin direction in a way that matches to the prop nuts.

Sorry if I am readings “things” :slight_smile:

No no of course! Always in accordance to your specific frame/ FC.
Apologies, I was having difficulties trying to word this correctly.

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