Custom pixhawk cube board

I’m developing the pixhawk 2.1 custom flight controller and I would like to know if there is any way for me to create the flight controller with advanced imus,won’t that make it difficult when I’m installing the firmware?

Sorry Nilton, but if you have to ask this, it means that you lack of understanding how HW and SW works in ArduPilot.

IF you design your controller with an advanced IMU which is currently not supported in the firmware, then you have to write the driver code by yourself.
Don’t forget that the licensing of ArduPilot code dictates that even if your hardware is closed, you have to share the code that you wrote.

so this means that if i build the cube and change the imu sensors to just two imus, using the same connection given by the open diagram, will i be forced to create custom firmware? tell me if I’m wrong

If the IMU’s that you using (I would say gyros and accelerometers) are supported in the current code then the current code will handle them.

could the cube have support for bmi088?

You can check supported inertial sensors in the code

thanks for the help, last doubt when i’m installing the firmware will the controller automatically recognize the sensors?