Custom flight mode not appearing in Mission Planner Actions dropdown

I’m trying to create a custom flight mode (for research reasons), and while I’m able to create my new mode and build it, I cannot find it in the Actions panel of Mission Planner (I’m doing SITL flights).

I’m under the impression that new modes added to mode.h should show up in Mission Planner, but is there anything I must do on the Mission Planner application?

can you push your changes to a branch in github for us to have a look?

Hi, thanks for the offer, but fortunately I was able to resolve the problem as I had missed changing one of the files. I have updated the post accordingly.

new modes do not appear. Just assign the mode to a FLTMODEn parameter and use a switch, or use mavproxy which allows for “mode NNN” where NNN is the mode number

Flightmode names in Mission Planner are populated from the parameter description files, downloaded from Index of /Parameters AFAIK these files are auto-generated from the master. So a new flight mode must be in master to appear in MP.