Custom AHRS Orientation param

On a new build I accidentally mounted my Pixhawk facing about 3-5 degrees to the right :stuck_out_tongue:
The custom AHRS parameter is confusing to set up. If I only change AHRS_CUSTOM_YAW = 4 (I assume i just set offset degrees) It messes up my pitch/ roll orientation too.

Anyone know how to fix this?

Did you end up finding a solution?

according to the documentation you also need to set AHRS_ORIENTATION to CUSTOM, did you do that?

And of course the roll and pitch will affect each other because the yaw is not zero.

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Thanks, Yes I followed the Wiki and worked through it.

Hello and thanks for your answer

how is the order of the orientation in custome mode
should we consider the amount of roll then pithch then yaw rotation that the autopilot has experienced to reach its new position?

what is the difference between custom 1 and custom 2?