Cube yellow cannot find Here 2

Please share some logs from the flight in which it armed itself!
Thank you! Please share videos if you have them!

I am struggling disassemle it now and will share today or tomorrow morning. I have no video, only photo of crashed hexa, because I was not filming. Will share soon.

Update: No log saved for the random arming incident! Funny thing is that the drone could not be armed due to uncalibrated compasses, so even if there is some random arming how could it be without proper compass? If you need me to collect some info, please tell me what to send. Also, i am curious why Cube Yellow is not working with Here 2? Is it a firmware problem and does it have connection with the arming?

Hello, any news on solving the problem with Here 2?

Hey @rmackay9
Please have a look at this!

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There seem to be quite a few unrelated reports mixed together in this thread so it’s a challenge to disentangle them from each other.

@Lozanov, it seems very likely that the issues you’re seeing are power related. It’s probably best to:

  1. replace the USB cable especially if it’s different from the one provided with the autopilot (if it’s not already the one provided)
  2. ensure that it’s plugged into a PC USB port that can provide enough power.
  3. plug in a battery (but take the propellers off)


Thanks for your help in the discussion above. To untangle this topic I’ve created this new discussion.

@Lozanov @steampunk
Please post Logs here.

USB is replaced with the proper one and power voltage is fixed. GPS problem occurs even with batteries plugged in. Randomly compass can be calibrated, only when set to internal, but this happens 1 out of 10 power ups, and even if external compass is off, it still after calibration says ‘Compass error’.

Latest master fixes all of these startup issues with the new multi sensor addition that Sid has made.

This means 4.0.3 copter is out? GPS count fixed?

This is just beautiful!

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Cube Orange running Dual Here2 GPS on one BUS. New Compass priority is a great option to have!
Running on Arducopter Latest Master!

Very very very Nice!

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Hy Its about two weeks I am stuck with my here+ rtk . Actually I want to use external Barometer on my pixhawk2.4.8 .My problem is when I change the hardware switch to CAN mode my external compass is unable to detect,even no sign of barometer. I also saw whenever I change the hardware switch from I2C to CAN mode a bluish low rate blink starts. I am using new firmware 4.0.3