Cube purple unable to calibrate compass [firmware 4.0.1]


I am unable to calibrate the compass for cubepurple using 4.01 firmware, however i can do it using v3.6 and lower versions. additionally when using 4.01 i keep getting bad compass health message.

i need to use v4.01 because i am using Hereflow sensors, is there anyway to calibrate the compass? tried different parameter settings and doesnt work. please help! Thank you

I am seeing the same issue with just the purple cube on an interface board with no peripherals. It will calibrate in 3.6.11.

Dear all; am having the same issue with the purple cube carrier. I didn’t have any external compass. The purple cube mini carrier also does
Not detect any of the internal compass
If there’s one inside. So apparently I didn’t select any compass 1,2 and 3. It always shown bad compass. Please advise .? Is there any internal
Compass for the purple cube mini carrier ?

Please test with ArduCopter 4.1.0 official stable release

It’s not on the carrier, the IMU (MPU9250) has one integrated.