Cube Purple no internal compass detected on Rover 4.0.0 stable

I have installed latest firmware for Rover (4.0.0 stable) and now the internal compass in the Cube Purple is not identified and am unable to do compass calibration or Accelerometer calibration. I have external ublox M8N with compass that is identified and has hardware ID.

I don’t really care about the internal compass, but suspect that the inability to do calibrations is related to not seeing the internal compass on the Cube Purple.

Anyone have any ideas?

The internal compass on cube purple is disabled according to hwdef.

I wonder why this would be. The AK09916 on the ICM20948 is feature limited on some other boards with 1Mb flash but doesn’t the Purple have 2Mb? And in the Hwdef it’s referenced.

-compass as part of the ICM20948
-COMPASS AK09916:probe_ICM20948 0 ROTATION_ROLL_180_YAW_90

I don’t have one just curious.

I had done a PR for enabling it.

OK, I see. Thanks for the clarification.

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OK so the Cube Purple compass is disabled… is it required to be enabled if I have an external compass?
also why am I not able to do ACC and compass calibrations in Rover 4.0.0?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

OK I worked out the no calibration issue.

Step 1. Read the wiki documentation.
Step 2… make sure the rover is NOT ARMED!

All good now. we have external compass (none for the Purple Cube) and all calibrated and working.

Thanks Everyone.