Cube Orange compass calibration not precise

Hi all,

I don’t know if I’m in the good section :blush:. I have an Orange Cube and when I try to calibrate it with MissionPlanner I have trouble having a good calibration, sometimes I have to do the calibration for 5 minutes no stop before MissionPlanner accept my calibration. If I do the same with QGroundcontrol I have the same issue, I’m always in red section (sometime in yellow but it’s rare).
The only time the calibration works directly is when I set Relaxed in Compass in Setup menu.

So do you know why ?

Because there are magnetic sources close to your compass.

Move your compass away from them. Always calibrate outside in an open space without any metal objects.

Hum ok nice I’ll try to do that also :smiley:

And best to get a good GPS 3D fix before compass calibration