Cube Orange and Serial5

I try to get a signal out of the serial5 port wich is labelled as “CONS”. Either a Mavlink or NMEA out or I try to connect a Rangefinder over it.
Whatever i try, nothing works.
In the wiki I found out that with the new boards this port is reserved for ADSB

Do I have any Chance to use that Port for other UART devices then ADSB?
Thanks in Advance

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Hi, had the same issue, in an answer on Cubepilot forum they explain that it’s not possible without some hardware change
EDIT: In my case I made some changes like change the lidar to I2C and free up the telem2

Right Gal, I got the same answer from Cubepilot.
They also advise me to use the CAN for the GPS. But as far as I know I cant use the " [Here+ V2 Rover (M8P)] on CAN.
the Ainstein Lidar im using doesnt support IC2.:frowning:

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And telem1 and 2 already used. Bummer, sorry I can’t help more

Matt_C, thanks for the Idea wih the CAN Node. I´m gonna test it for sure. Sounds to be a Solution for alot of Problems.
With the Here+ Im thinkink a bit diffren. The first virsion, u are right, that was crap. But im more than happy with the V2. Im working sometimes for Geologists and they do have got this really expensive GPS Systems with a paid Correction. And they are always quite happy how precisious my System is (Base / Rover Here+V2) BUT: The Position for the Base I always get from them.

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