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Cube Orange and Serial5

I try to get a signal out of the serial5 port wich is labelled as “CONS”. Either a Mavlink or NMEA out or I try to connect a Rangefinder over it.
Whatever i try, nothing works.
In the wiki I found out that with the new boards this port is reserved for ADSB

Do I have any Chance to use that Port for other UART devices then ADSB?
Thanks in Advance

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Hi, had the same issue, in an answer on Cubepilot forum they explain that it’s not possible without some hardware change
EDIT: In my case I made some changes like change the lidar to I2C and free up the telem2

Right Gal, I got the same answer from Cubepilot.
They also advise me to use the CAN for the GPS. But as far as I know I cant use the " [Here+ V2 Rover (M8P)] on CAN.
the Ainstein Lidar im using doesnt support IC2.:frowning:

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And telem1 and 2 already used. Bummer, sorry I can’t help more

You could possibly get a CAN node that will turn many serial devices into CAN compatible sensors, I am about 99.999% sure you should be able to hook up the here+ to one of these devices and it will work. I have a different RTK GPS that I have hooked up and have it working so it really shouldn’t be much different. I am pretty positive the here+ v2 has the ability to be used as CAN. Other option is to use the can node for your serial lidar and hook it into one of the can ports. I have used many of these nodes on a lot of projects and really like them.
I would also suggest dropping the Here+ V2 for a more accurate and reliable RTK GPS, there are a few dual frequency ones out that are quite accurate. There are plenty of folks out there that have found them to be quite subpar, myself included. Our Here+ is sitting in a junk bin. Mrobotics has a nice dual frequency GPS for on the vehicle but no base station, you should also look at emlid for another good choice of dual frequency gps units that allow precise photo exposure locations if you are using this for mapping.

Matt_C, thanks for the Idea wih the CAN Node. I´m gonna test it for sure. Sounds to be a Solution for alot of Problems.
With the Here+ Im thinkink a bit diffren. The first virsion, u are right, that was crap. But im more than happy with the V2. Im working sometimes for Geologists and they do have got this really expensive GPS Systems with a paid Correction. And they are always quite happy how precisious my System is (Base / Rover Here+V2) BUT: The Position for the Base I always get from them.

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