Cube black with 4.3

Would like to know if copter 4.3 a good version for the Cube Black. I’m have several issue getting it setup. and it could be due to the cold weather, I don’t have a lot of experience with this technology although I have setup and flown a cube orange on a quad that I built from a kit. Would viewing my logs help

anytime a log is in question post it! cube black is fine and works well with 4.3. can you explain your issues in better detail.

One of the issues was prearm-accels-inconsistent ,
ekf3-imu1-forced-reset and prearm ahrs ekf3 roll/pitch inconsistent by 54 deg , also took several tries to cal accelerometers

Have my log path sent to a folder in MP and there three folders labeled- Quadrotor, SITL and Small
Not sure which folder and what file I need to send

what firmware do you have loaded on the board?

It looks like you have run the accel calibration did it eventually complete?