Cube Black with 4.0.7 disarmed on air with no errors

Hello people, recently i had one problem with a hexarotor runing fw 4.0.7 with Cube Black, unfortunately the drone burns with the lipo when hit the ground and i dont have sd card with full log. If anyone can help to analyse what happened viwing the .tlog. The problem happens in approximately 99,55% of the log. I checked motors, battery, current, atittude and anothers things and nothing…

I managed to recover the burned sd card now, and i found the crash disarm (not shown in tlog), but i cant found the error that activated the Crash Disarm.

My ANGLE_MAX is set 3500

Tuning on this craft is very poor. Here are the criteria for Crash Detection:

When all the following are true for 2 full seconds:

1. the vehicle is armed
2. the vehicle is not landed (as far as it can tell)
3. the current flight mode is not ACRO or FLIP
4. the vehicle is not accelerating by more than 3m/s/s
5. the actual lean angle has diverged from the desired lean angle (perhaps input by the pilot) by more than 30 degrees

And here is how that happened (point 5)

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Hi Dave, thanks for your reply! I read about the Crash Detection but i thought that the limit is the angle_max. This craft are using wpnavspeed accel = 250, i think this contributed with the weight and strong wind. And about the tunning? You mean the P.I.D ?

Thank you!

No, desired vs actual.

Yes PID. Graph Desired Roll vs Roll and Desired Pitch vs Pitch. These should track fairly well with a good tune.