Cube black or Pixhawk 4?

Hi guys!

I currently have one airframe complete with everything. It has been flying with a cube black since it’s creation. It has worked great but the cube black starts to lack a bit in processor capability and it’s getting quite old.

I have a pichawk 4 mini (holybro) laying around and I’m thinking of replacing the cube with it.

The pixhawk 4 mini is smaller and would maybe allow me to mount batteries on top which I’ve always wanted and it also has the newer internals. But it’s not isolated internally so I would need to add some sort of vibration isolation to it.

The cube is older and lacks in hardware capabilities now days but it’s still built like a premium FC and has the internal dampening which makes the installation process much easier. And I don’t have a dampener at the moment so I would have to buy one.

What do you guys think? Should I go for the 4 mini or stick with my Cube black???