CUAV X7Pro and MAUCH Power Module

It recently came to my hands an X7Pro which needs to be installed on a 12S Hexa that can peak 200amp and for this we decided a Mauch HS200amp which is analog unit which had to be connected on Input A.
Setting Vpin and Cpin, i found Vpin to be 11 but cant figure Cpin, thus i have no Current view.
Anyone has any experience with this?
Firmware is 4.0.7

All the info I can find says:
for the PowerA port, analog voltage and current readings.

Thank you Shawn,

I spoke with CUAV and they gave me the settings yesterday and i had not had time to connect and close this. Originally for some reason they did not work no matter the times i rebooted. After a fresh install it worked fine and i got to tune everything with 20amp draw to get as accurate as possible numbers in the air during my first flight and tuning session.