CUAV V5 Reboot on accelerometer calibration

I run accell calibration and the controller reboots

after boot I/O led is in red
If I install PX4 firmware it performs accell calibration and Led Is Purple.


As usual, logs are needed as well as firmware version used.

Perhaps you should also enable the Log_Disarmed option

00000004.BIN (944.9 KB)

There is the file…

I receive BAD GYRO HEALTH message on de mission planner and the I/O led is red
But on QGround and PX4 stack it works fine and all calibrations passed.

I log disarmed


Thanks for the report. We couldn’t reproduce the behaviour but we noticed that the multicopter firmware has been loaded on the board but the FRAME_CLASS parameter has been set to “6” for tradheli. I think if this is corrected then the problem may go away so could you try this first?