CUAV V5 Nano - motor don't spin in cold conditions


A few months ago, i had the issue that sometimes one motor does not spin. After hours of endless searching, I decided to replace esc’s and motors. After that modification the issue was gone. Now the days are colder and I find out that the issue occurs during colder conditions (around 10°C) . motor 4 starts to rotate a little bit after pushing the safety button. Sometimes also motor 3. After arming only 3 motors rotate, motor 1 doesn’t spin. If i go back in my apartment all 4 motors spins without any problems.

To my opinion the issue must be from the CUAV V5 Nano… It’s a shame, I only have pain with CUAV products… Can somebody help?

Here is a video from today:

in warm condition:
00000142.BIN (478 KB)

in cold condition:
00000141.BIN (270 KB)

Hi Michael,

What ESCs are you using? I’m curious if the low temperature is causing their oscillators to drift. This may cause their microcontrollers to misinterpret the PWM signals from your flight controller.

I’ve seen some ESCs change speed with temperature and even stop working at cold temps. They often rely on their microcontroller’s internal RC resonator or oscillator which typically has a high temperature coefficient.

Hi Muhammad

Actually I’m using the hobbywing 4in1 60a ESC:

But I’m using the standard PWM signal, no Dshot or similar. Before that I used the Fyduino Kiss32a:

In the meantime I was able to solve the issue. I plugged in the 4 esc wires to a Graupner Hott receiver and find out, that all motors spins without any issues. Back plugged in to the V5 Nano, same issue again. I noticed that the Graupner radios PWM range was exactly between 1000 and 2000. Mission Planner says that the min PWM is 1033 (from the radio calibration setup). After that I set the parameters MOT_PWM_MIN to 1000 and the MOT_PWM_MAX to 2000. All 4 motors run correctly. It seems that the esc don’t recognize the minimal pwm signal correctly due to the temperatur drift in cold conditions.

Many thanks for helping me!!

Cheers Michael