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CUAV Nora - With 2 Here2 GPS units (I2C)

Nora with 2 Here2 GPS units

So, I got my Nora without the new GPS from CUAV of course with the hope to use my two Here2 (war heroes which survived a massive crash not too long ago).

Since I have a long standing fight with CAN, either the sensors or CAN units are way expansive or it is a pain to make it work (it is only for me I guess).

So, what I want to achieve? As simple as it is on other FCs, connect the first unit to the GPS port on the Nora just as it is on the Cube and and get all the bells and whistles you get when you connect the Here2 unit to a cube.

The solution is simple as creating a custom cable. The Nora GPS port is a JST-GH 10 pins where on the cube it is an 8 pins port so I needed to figure out which wire goes to where and this is the cable

Materials can be found on AliExpress:
8 and 10 pins connectors
JST-GH cables (make sure you choose PIX2 to PIX2)

To connect the second unit of Here2 use the I2C cable that came with the Here2. If no cable I am sure it can be found using simple Google search.

That is about it, in the hope it helps someone.


Looks great. What issues are you having with CAN? For me it has been rock solid

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