CUAV Nora R.O.I. demo


I had been struggling with Gimbal settings for tilt control in Auto mode filming a Region of Interest.

At least, I have some “good” results to share.

At neutral (1500) my Cam is looking the horizon. At 1180 it look down.

Here are my settings,

Capture d’écran 2021-06-20 à 18.55.38

I had a try with 0, -90 with really bad result. So I went back to -45, +45 in order to check the camera travel then changed to -89, +89 (-90, +90 is not working???).

The path is with altitude changes, spline waypoints, and a ROI (Point 1). There is a Red marker on the video. It is slightly out of position relative to the programmed path.

My CUAV Nora Y6 with three axis gimbal and Gopro like camera.

And the link to the video of the flight:

Sound is live…