Crush during auto mode

I’m not familiar with autotune and fbwa, so I tried to fly the plane with automode. It launched perfectly, but it couldn’t maintain stability and crush after few sec of launch.

Airframe: X8 composite
controller board: Pixhawk
GPS and Compass: ublox m8n

Kindly advise me the solution. It is too costly to crush the plane again. =(
thank you in advance.

You may download .log file in below link:

Step 1: Ensure your plane flies well in Manual Mode.
Step 2: Use Autotune Mode to tune the plane’s controllers.

Being “unfamiliar” is not a good reason to have skipped tuning your plane’s controllers.

Thank you for your advices. I’m using simulator to train the controlling skill.

Could you help me to check whether the compass was affected by the current?