Cruise rtl pumps


have a sonic model - binary.
He flies very well in manuel mode,
he also flies clean in the fbw.
The plane stops at about 50% gas its height.

Only in the cruise or RTL he pumps very strong?


@Schachti that’s some noticeable low-freq pitch-loop oscillation buildup in CRUISE. imho your pitch limits and PIDs are somewhat off default, i couldn’t reproduce pitch-loop oscillations like yours in SITL though.

maybe @tridge could take a look at this log if time permits?

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Hi Schachti,

You’ve done autotune, but not yet the speed and height tuning:

Some parameters for autothrottle modes are not good adjusted to your aircraft.

For example, TRIM_THROTTLE is too high and TRIM_ARSPD_CM is too low:

Of course I’m curious what @Tridge says


Ich teste und berichte
(I test and report)

Have now set gas and speed, as he flies and thereby holds the height.

I also played around with the cg.

everything without success

I’m at a loss