Crow Landing aileron/flap mode

Does anyone have instructions on how to set up Crow mode where the flaps go down and ailerons go up for landing?


Hi Mike,
I’ve added a FAQ entry on this to answer the question: … crow_flaps
I should note that I don’t fly with crow flaps myself, so please test the combination carefully. I do expect it will work fine, but I’d appreciate any feedback.
Cheers, Tridge

Thanks I will try setting it up this weekend.

As a test it set it up for manual flaps. I got it working ok for Crow flaps. I would like to have a little more up aileron with flaps down. I have the correct down flaps so I don’t want to change the transmitter end points. What parameter controls how much up aileron I get when I deploy the flaps?


The main control is the MIXING_GAIN parameter
That combines with the RCn_MIN/RCn_MAX for the channels.
Cheers, Tridge

I just tried to set it up, but the RCn_TRIM function does not work for flaps. I need the trim to be something other than the default 1500. Changing the trim in MP doesn’t seem to have any effect on the flap trim position.