Crashed when I switched to Auto Mission!

I installed my APM2.6 and set the lattest version for the plane configuration. All checkout and calibrations went great without problems. I have been flying a different APM2.6 in my Quads for the last two years and felt very confident with this install. Reference YouTube channel, YumaMike, for my videos.
All ground checks went well except i had failsafe enabled for the throttle and after the 20 seconds of no throttle up, the plane enabled the controls for RTL and the control surfaces were glitching. I disabled the FailSafe and all was normal again.
I programed a mission with a number of way points for my first Auto Flight. Set altitude to 30 meters and performed all ground checks necessary, Linked the ground station to the APM and looked at the HUD to make sure the GPS 3D fix was inabled with a good HDOP, and all voltages were correct and everything was as it should be. I took off and trimed the attitude of the plane and flew around for two minutes to a point 200 meters and heading towards the first way point. I switch to Auto Mode and the craft turned to the right 45 deg. and turned upside down. The plane was navigating correctly but heading away from the first WayPoint and was loosing altitude because, not enough elevator control for level flight. I traveled about 100 meters inverted loosing altitude, so i switch to ACRO Stablized Mode and tried to invert the plane without any response to the controls. At full throttle I crash inverted, the APM was navigating the whole time.
I looked at the Telemetry Log file on the Ground Station and it performed it’s navigation but Inverted and going away from the WayPoint. The GPS was looking at 11-12 Sats at time of Auto Flight.
I will look at the APM Log if the unit wasn’t damaged from the crash.
Any Idea is welcome.

Your first flight should be auto-tuning rather then trying to run a mission. Did you check FBWA on the ground and that stabilisation surfaces acted in the correct way? And 30m is REALLY low. 100m would be much better as you can flick to manual and recover should an issue occur.
Logs would really help. Please post both dataflash and tlog.
Thanks, Grant