Crashed trex buying parts need advice

Found out finally what i have. Old trex 700 trex v2 flybarless. 700 MX motor 12 s ice2

  1. Can I put a 760 tail boom kit on the 700 and run 700 blades and same tail 105 blades?

  2. Will a 700 handle 760 blades at 1600 rpm

  3. My original front drive gear had 24 teeth new ones have 22. Should speed up ygd tail is there any issue.

  4. Is there any advantage to bigger blades with all heli being the same. No 3d just training to buy a built gas 760 for surveying

  1. There is no problem, as long as the specifications of the accessories are compatible, and I remember that the tails of ALIGN’s 700 and 760 are the same.

2.1600rpm can, even lower head speed.

  1. If the specifications of the tail rotor are increased, or the blade tail rotor of the 3-blade is replaced, it is not necessary to increase the speed of the tail rotor.

  2. Larger blades can achieve higher efficiency, while reducing a certain head speed, you can try it, but be sure to pay attention to safety.

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