Crash with my Hexa RC freeze?

Hi all,

I’ve just suffered a crash with my copter. I’ve read the log and I’ve find one strange thing on RCOUT, just before the crash all motors are straight line int he graph, looks like I’ve lost the comunication? What do you think ?

BIN file here

It’s not a communication problem because the log is still recording some data. Some values flat line, usually meaning there isn’t any data at those points (it’s a result of how the logs are recorded), however other values such as pitch and roll are still being recorded. This one looks like it’s above my head, but I think its a problem with the flight controller. Provide more data like the type of set up, and the hardware, specifically the flight controller used.

Once the black-out is sorted you should look at the tune. Setting up a notch filter will help.

Internal Error 3000 (0x3000) is an IOMCU reset I believe. I would suggest retiring that Cube.

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Ok :(. it’s really frustrating don’t know why I’ve got this issue.

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