Crash with Hexa - Pixhawk 4 - ArduCopter 4.0.3

Goodmorning everyone.
I ask for your help in confirming my interpretation of the log of a crash (fortunately not too serious) that happened to my hexacopter. As soon as it took off in Althold it began to swing strongly and became unmanageable.
From the log it seems to me the cause could be a too high level of vibrations (especially x and Z axis). The Clip0 and Clip1 parameters have also been wheeling up. On this flight I had installed adapters to unscrew and screw the propellers. Could it be one of these off-axis? thanks everyone for your help
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2021-06-14 11-19-41.bin (919.8 KB)

The vibes are high but the duration is so short it’s hard to tell if that is the basic problem. Post a link to previous log where it was flying OK. Same with the Outputs. It’s difficult to tell what’s going on. Motor 4 is bouncing off of Max and Motor 1 is bouncing off of Min.

Hi @dkemxr, thank’s for your reply.
This is the last fly of this Hexa without propeller’s adapter.
Last fly