Crash with 3.2rc14 (gps failure?)

I’ve had c14 installed since it was released and had about 10 flights a day without a problem. At first I had gps failure failsafe set to land but I didn’t like the uncontrolled landing so I turned that off. It only happened two times and landed soft enough to not cause a problem. Now I think I might have had the same issue but instead of landing, it sort of flew into the ground. I was in PosHold and it just took off down at about a 45° angle from about 10 meters off the ground. Luckily I had some tall grass to soften the impact but it did break off my 3dr GPS mask pole from the base and also made my Mad Mushroom 1.2 antenna look a little more mad :slight_smile:

Would this be normal behavior if GPS goes astray and failsafe is NOT to set to auto land? If that is the case then I prefer it to land but that was not working good either because it was a forced landing even though I should have been able to steer it. In those prior cases with it set to land, I would try to switch out and back to stable mode but it either happened to fast or never allowed me to regain the control.

Does a GPS failure have to be a problem if you are just in stable mode? I fly FPV so even if I lose GPS for a short time, it’s not a problem as long as I’m not in a GPS dependent flight mode. Is stable mode depended on GPS? Is Acro?

Here is the flash log and drone share link of the flight.

Also how can I get my logs to date correctly?? They always show Dec 31, 1969 :open_mouth:

It would be helpful to have the complete log file The.bin file posted does not have all the information needed to really troubleshoot the issue.

The Number of Sats and HDop data available look good.

Also review this for GPS dependency:

Where do I get the complete log file? This was downloaded from the APM. Do you mean the tlog from APM Planner? I thought the onboard log would be more complete.

Here is the tlog from today but it might contain more than one flight though it will be the last one. … 07-33.tlog

Do you know why my data flash logs all have the wrong date? Where is that date set?

Now I’m very curious what caused this crash. Is there a way to see in the logs if it was a mechanical error? Also I noticed the data flash log seems to finish while it’s still in the air. Can you see from the log that it dove into the ground at a 45° angle? It happened just some seconds after the last POS HOLD.

[quote=“parkgt”]Also review this for GPS dependency:[/quote]

I noticed stable mode doesn’t depend on GPS. Now I’m wondering why it landed twice last week when I had GPS failsafe set to land. I’m sure I was in stable mode because it’s what I normally fly in but from what I remember, it just landed on it’s own and I couldn’t retake control. Since I turned off the GPS failsafe, it never happened again.