Crash on the first fly

I’ve spent a long time to setup and calibrate a pixhawk on a phoenix model.

On the morning of the past sunday, in its very first fly, it crashed and resoutl completly destroyed. :disappointed_relieved:

The idea was to fly in manual mode, to gain altitude and try to perform an autotune mode to get the PID constants, so, I perform prefly checks and take of.

At the first 6 seconds flying it seems to respond, but afther that, throtle and roll and pitch start to show an strange respond it was fast and sunddetly the plane rolls uncordinated to the left and spin and spin to the crash near of a river. :slightly_frowning_face:

After spend a logn time looking I found the micro SD and get the logs:…/14E9gjcRyqjZVFSRv24XKBQPAnspxwQV0

¿Does any expert could help me to see wath hapend? :disappointed_relieved:

Thank’s :neutral_face: :grinning:

I am looking at your log. I see takeoff around 180sec in the log, climb to 35m alt, then climb to 60m, and immediately dive to 35, where the log ends (with the plane still airborne?). The plane seems to be in Manual mode the entire flight.

There are definitely problems with your setup. Your log records no GPS information and no battery information. Did you think you had a GPS working? Did you think you had the battery voltage measurement? Do you have a Ground Control Station log?


Thank’s for reply…

When fail, plane hit high trees so I think may that’s reason why logs end at that point.

There was no battery monitor so there are no battery voltaje or current, gps signal are recorded ok no? As you can se where the plane was and end.

Sorry there are no ground station logs only the plane logs.

The GPS was NOT recorded during the entire log. If you had a GPS connected, something was wrong with it.