Crash, need help please


Yesterday, while looking for wild boars, I had a strange crash, the cause of which I can’t really explain from the log files. Maybe someone can take a look at it? I find the many EKF lane switches conspicuous. And the Lidar (Benewake TF03) has peaks. The weather conditions were optimal. The copter flew without any noticeable problems until this day. However, until recently with Copter 4.1

Motorisation: 4x T-Motor MN501 240 KV
Propeller: T-Motor 22 inch Folding Props
ESC: T-Motor Air 40 A
Battery: 2x Tattoo 10000 mah
Take-off weight: 7,5 Kg

Autopilot: Cube Orange
GPS: Here3
Firmware: 4.2.1

I would be very grateful for any information!
Thank you!

Failure on motor 4, could be ESC, motor or propeller. Cant tell without telemetry.

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thank you very much! That would have been too easy :wink: we got confused by the many EKF error messages. It was actually a cable break at ESC 4. Amazing how little was broken, Arducopter really handled this error very well, the copter just came down quickly and did not tip over …

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