Crash message in web interface

Not a crash but after 30 sec of flight the Viper RTLs and the FC message says “Crash: obstruction landing” What would cause this to trigger? Nothing stuck in the motor/blades. Motor calibration shows all is fine.

Connect to the frame via the WEB AP and go to the Flight Parameters page. Select ALL from the pull down and enter CRASH in the search field. Look for and set FS_CRASH_CRASH=0 that will hopefully let you get past that.

This means that your tuning values for the frame are off, though. I believe you’ve transplanted the guts from the Viper into a SYMA, correct? If so, the tuning values will be different. It’ll fly, but it’s expecting the characteristics of the Viper, not the SYMA.

Let me know if this helps!

Yes, thank you. It seems to handle pretty well so far after altering the setting. So the Autotune in Mission Planner should take care of this correct? I’ll have to study this.

If you are happy with how it handles, I’d say keep it as-is. We tried Auto-Tune on this frame a few times, but due to the weight and battery size, we could only tune per-axis each flight. While it came out with useable data, the frames were ultimately tuned by the PID-Gods that are the team members. Can’t beat a good old-fashioned hand-tuning when it’s done by the Masters!

wow I remember the LOOONG nights spent in our engineering lab for my undergrad Capstone project tweaking PIDs for an autonomous racecar. There is certainly a science of PIDs…but it really only gets you so far (although I’m sure there are some people out there that can math out some PID coefficients exactly) but we would always calculate what PID was needed…then tweak it for hours and hours until we got it handling how we wanted. And that was only on two axes! Much props (pun?) to the people who did this work. The SV handles beautifully out of the box.