Crash logs, RTL spiral into ground


Im not too flash at Plane logs, cant see anything in the log or param file that would have caused the behaviour noted. Would appreciate a pro looking at it to see if there is anything ive missed.

Plane was flying fine, first flight post maintenance, with an HD link onboard.

Pilot in command was handed over, to have a look at the HD link, during the handover process the PPM wire to EZUHF was knocked, finding a bad connection. Aircraft went into RTL as it should do, but instead of circling at 6m altitude, it accelerated into a tight spiralling dive around home, and then drove itself through a fence at decent rate of knots!

Was it simply a case of the the algorithm not being able to maintain the 6m altitude once it had over (under) shot it?

I noticed the airspeed sensor is giving bad data in logs.

welcome to the club my one did the same thing :astonished: