[Crash] Compass problem

Hello team,

I am having a hard time analyzing this log. I tested my drone with Hexa x configuration , where I used here 3 GPS and cube orange flight controller.

Yesterday, I have done first flight in Poshold mode. No PID, just the basic calibration(radio Calibration,
accel calibration, compass calibration, ESC calibration) in order to check the behavior of drone.

After take off the drone toppled immediately. I just stop the motors by activating the kill switch
After crash I have crosschecked the directions of motor ,propellers and signal pins attached to flight controller after the crash, all are in correct orientation and position.

I began to check the logs, it seems that compass failed and there is large change in magnetic field.
please tell what could be the reason of crash.

I am sharing log file for your reference.

00000046.BIN (785 KB)

Hello @swaraj ! First of all, update the firmware on your Here 3 GPS…

This one is a big mistake, the first flight of an aircraft shall always be done in Stabilize Flight Mode.

It doesn’t seem to me that you followed the instruction about initial setup: Setting the Aircraft Up for Tuning — Copter documentation

Follow the instructions on this page for a safer first flight: First Flight with Copter — Copter documentation