Crash checker on RC12

I just updated to AC3.2 rc12

I tried simulating failsafes before I take my quad outside. One of which is crash checker. In Ac3.1.5, my quad automatically disarms the motors even if I do not lower the throttle to 0%.
But in AC3.2, the motors are not disarmed automatically when I turn the quad on its back to simulate a crash when I am on stabilize mode. But if I set the throttle to 0% while the quad is upside down, then it disarms and the HUD shows CRASH:Disarming.
Can someone enlighten me why crash checker seems to be not working correctly?
By the way, my flight controller is APM 2.6.

To trigger crash detection:

  • The motors must be armed
  • The throttle must be zero
  • The control mode must not be ACRO or FLIP
  • The roll or pitch angle must exceed ANGLE_MAX by at least 20 degrees
  • The baro alt must not change by more than 50cm per 1/10th of a second
  • All of the above must be true for 2 seconds.

Yes, that’s what I noticed. Throttle must be zero percent to trigger the crash check. I can’t remember if this is the same on AC3.1.5 to trigger crash check. :slight_smile: But anyway, at least it’s clear now :slight_smile: thanks again!