Crash analysis trex 450

Hi all
few days ago my heli crashed but i dont know why.
crash happen when i switched from stabilize mod to althold mode,heli just tipped over and went straight to the ground,
i got warning on Tower app “DCM bad heading”.
Few minutes before crash heli successfully completed waypoint mission.
heli is 450 size with apm 2.82017-03-30 16-47-57.log (1.3 MB)
please help i dont wanna fly again until i find what happened

Cannot access your log file. Can you please check what is wrong?

i’m sorry i was very busy last few days i didn’t get time to reply.
uploaded dataflash log to OneDrive!Aqd6bWj_KeoYgUvCfFTBuT44K-qf

The problem you most likely with the Power Module, as an option, in the flight controller has rebooted. The power supply of the controller (4.6V - 5.3V) varies very much, check the Power Module. It may be not working, or of poor quality.

thank you very much for your help, will try to replace power module or run apm from separate battery.
Another problem that i have is when i move rudder stick rudder servo moves but elevator servo also moves slightly,and when i move pitch stick on transmitter rudder servo moves.There is another post on the forum with same problem but i did not understand what guy is saying.I can record short video if it helps.

I did not understand your problem, not a correct translation.
Try to write here and describe the problem in detail.

i’ve made video describing my problem