Countinuously increase in throttle

we have a quad copter and we are using 4in1 esc (blheli_32 , F55 -55A) and the connection between esc and pixhawk is through aux dshot 150 protocol , now the problem is that the motor’s speed is increasing countinuously after fixing the throttle value at 40% in terranes. so whats the reason behind this issue and how can we solve this problem?

What conditions are you testing? On the bench w/o props?

On the bench and same result with prop and without prop.

It’s normal, there is no problem. For this test use Mission Planners Motor Test function (w/o props of course) and test using various throttle levels.

You cant test a closed loop control system if it doesn’t have sensor feedback which is exactly what happens when it’s sitting on the bench.