Could not find MOT_SPIN_ARMED in full parameter list

Hi, I finally have time to check the esc signal issue of my PX4. My ESC gives a beep indicating no signal when my PX4 is not armed, and gives a beep indicating signal too high when armed (for both case my TX throttle is always at minimum, same as the RC8 throttle channel). I decided to turn off MOT_SPIN_ARMED to check this issue. However, In the full parameter list of MP, I couldn’t find this parameter, there is even no parameter there starts with MOT. Tried looking for SPIN_ARMED and still no luck.

Where is my dear parameter? I’m using 3.1.2 heli firmware with a PX4. Thanks in advance.

By the way, I tried to recalibrate the esc through PX4 with the motor connected on RC8 output, but the calibration method on wiki doesn’t work in my case. The esc always gives a beep indicating there is no signal. esc works good if I connect it directly to my RX.

Is this on a helicopter or a multirotor?

Hi Rob, it’s on a helicopter, with 3.1.2 heli firmware.

MOT_SPIN_ARMED is not used in TradHeli’s, and in fact is not compiled in at all, which is why you won’t see it.

I have never even attempted to calibrate the ESC’s using the multirotor calibration scheme. So I don’t know if that should work or not. Lately I’ve been using YEP and YEG ESC’s which have a different calibration method entirely. You may need to calibrate by plugging directly into an Rx.

Ok I got it, thanks Rob.

One other suggesting that I can make, is that… you should probably actually calibrate the ESC by plugging it into your Ch8 Rx instead of Ch3. On my Futaba, the CH5-8 range is different (~1000-2000) than the Ch1-4 range (~1100-1900). So this could affect the way the ESC operates.