Copter3.6 can not work with UAVCAN GPS

Hi there,
I get a UAVCAN GPS, last weekend, i try to test it with a Pixhawk4 (Holybro), fmuv5.
And i just can not get GPS data with ArduCopter v3.6.0 Quad. Does ArduCopter v3.6.0 support UAVCAN GPS? or i set wrong parameter ?

the details as follow:


Test 1:

Hardware: Pixhawk4 (Holybro fmuv5)
Firmware: ArduCopter V3.6.0 Quad
GCS: Mission planner 1.3.59 build

param set as follow:

GPS_TYPE = 9 , set for UAVCAN.


i use UAVCAN-GUI-Tool, and i get the info as followed:


As the picture show, Arducopter can not get any gps data.
use UAVCAN-GUI-Tool, i can get the GPS node id :53; in the UAVCAN_GUI_Tool the GPS data is good. but the pixhawk4 CAN node id is not available.



Test 2:


Hardware: Pixhawk4 (Holybro)
Firmware: PX4 Flight Stack v1.8.1 stable Release
GCS: QGroundControl v3.4.4

param set as follow:



i get the GPS data. And in the UAVCAN_GUI_TOOL, i get gps can node id 53 and the pixhawk4 can id:1, all is good.

Does anyone test UAVCAN GPS with arduCopter v3.6.0 ?
Anyone can give me some clue ?

Did you select GPS_type=9 for uavcan

Yes, i select GPS_Type = 9, UAVCAN

Please read the ArduCopter 3.6 release notes :slight_smile:

@ amilcarlucas, thanks for reply, the 3.6 release notes, do you mean this:


yeap. I meant that post. Always read the release notes first.

where did you git uavcan gps cause I want to get a uavcan gps too

@goredhawk The cube had a problem with mislabelled Canbus ports maybe you should just check if you connect to CAN2 instead of CAN1 if it works.

Zubax makes a UAVCAN GPS and you can use OlliW’s UC4H to interface a normal serial GPS to CANbus.

This interface will work with a serial GPS:

Hi skyyuzhang, i get a uavcan gps from china:

Hi mike, thanks for reply

i connect to CAN2 instead of CAN 1, it not works. i have try it for many times.

now i change another Pixhack V5 , and it work perfectly.
So, maybe there is some problem with the Pixhawk4 (Holybro)

this one work perfectly.

Did you get UAVCAN Battery Monitor? cuase I have benn researching UAVCAN Battery Monitor

I have just fixed a bug in ArduPilot that prevented CAN from working on a Pixhawk4. If you try master now it should work.
Cheers, Tridge

@tridge thanks, i will test it.
can you give the bug fixed git commit link