Copter3.5.7 The drone will not RTL and landing, always fly up

Hi all,

i have set Geofence Limit high 160m. but Copter fly up to 1400m…
i use GCS change flight mode land, but not land… very dangerous…

Can someone help me advanced analysis of the log?

this is log file. thanks~

@chobitsfan @rmackay9

Your rangefinder is malfunctioning, it shown no altitude change, and this drives the EKF crazy.

I have found a problem with the rangefinder value.
But the SF20 Rangefinder height value is set to 6000cm.
when barometer value over 60m, Should the barometer be replaced?
Thank you for your reply.

Rangefinder never reaches 6000cm, it still thinks it is about 1m, so baro never takes over.

Thanks for your explanation~

But I think there is a problem.
When the difference between the barometer and the lidar value is too large,
or barometer value > Set of Rangefinder maximum value, should be the reference barometer value,
drone can’t cross the geofence…

I dont see anything in the code that indicates what you said, the switchover is governed by the rangefinder height, EK2_RNG_USE_HGT and EK2_RNG_USE_SPD. No xcheck between baro height and rangefinder height.

Yes,I think there needs to be a protection method.
LIDAR can’t guarantee that it will always have the correct value.
Because of terrain and reflection. or when the rangefinder malfunctioning…

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