Copter with new tracking mode

Hello guys,
I want to build a firmware for adding a new flight mode which is “tracking”(just like ‘follow me’ in dji drones),in which the vehicle is moving autonomously based on the python or c++ script.

But I am begginer in development,so can anyone guide me how can I acheive this??

Or is there any firmware already available with this ability?

The firmware already does that. The feature is called “follow-me” mode. google for “arducopter follow me” and you should be able to get it running.

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I saw the information about it as you suggested,in this mode the copter follows other vehicles by using the MAVLink connection with that vehicle!!
But I want to use computer vision with copter,in which my copter follows the person which is in the frame of camera!!
So it is possible??

Yes it is possible, we do it at our company.
You will need to know about computer vision, get a companion comupter and read a lot, but yes, it is possible.
Take a look at the “arducopter red ballon example” to get started.

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Guided mode, and your companion computer sends the desired position requests over mavlink/serial port.