Copter STB param no longer in Full Parameter List after v3.2

Earlier version of Copter has the STB_xxx_x listed in Full Param list.
Last version was v3.2. Since then, STB_xxx_x can only be found at the top in Extended Tuning page.

Are these param hidden somewhere in Full param list that I could not find ?

I usually bring only cell phone to field to access the param via Tower app.
STB_xxx_x after v3.2 appear only in MP which needs laptop to access.

These days, cell phone is a more handy GCS compared to laptop. Will the developer consider
putting these param back to Full Param List ?

Thank you.

The don’t appear in the Full Parameter list because the name of those parameters changed after 3.2.1. They are:

What Flight Controller are you running Arducopter 3.3 on?

Thanks Dave.

I am running Arducopter 3.3 and later versions on several Open Pilot Revolution.

Seems not too many people run Copter on this board. If you have experience with this board, I have some questions , such as logging files on this board which does not have sd card slot.

I don’t have a Revolution board but I do have a couple boards w/o an Sd card. You need to configure for Block Logging by LOG_BACKEND_TYPE (4). You may have to use Copter 4.X for this to work and be stable. I would load current Stable (V4.0.3) and try it.

The LOG_BACKEND_TYPE is already set at 4.

But how do I access the log files from here ?

It seems some background knowledge on programming is required to do this.

Download logs the same way as with any board. Mission Planner>Dataflash Logs tab>Download Dataflash logs button>Menu shows stored logs.