Copter slowly turns and drops


recently flown two copters with branch on top of Arducopter - master. One hexa flew with a Pixhawk1. The other is a quad with a CubeBlack.

Both copters looked quiet similar when they dropped. They became “loose/wobbly” and were not able to recover a upright position. The hexa were in no special flight mode, the quad was auto-tuning.

Log “2021-08-07 17-26-31.bin” is from the hexa, “2021-08-11 19-54-15.bin” is from the quad.

I am trying to figure out what the issue is, but I need some assistance please.

Thank you :slight_smile:
Kind regards

In the Quad log - I think ESC 1 and 2 (as numbered in the log) are throttling for some reason, you can see it in the RPM. I couldnt see a reason for the throttling though, temperature/current/volts looked reasonable.
And in the RC Out’s Motors 2 and 3 are alternately commanded to max and min in some attempt to maintain stability.
The other motors are ESCs are much less affected.


I think I’ll leave this 4.2-dev log to @amilcarlucas to look at because it’s his group’s patch. Totally fine to try bleeding edge code of course but for me, I’ll keep focussed on the 4.1 beta testing issues.