Copter overshooting waypoint in AUTO mode

Hi all,

I am having issues flying a clean preset mission in auto mode. The copter does a fairly good job going from waypoint to waypoint but it always overshoots the waypoint by about half a meter and backs up to correct it self before executing its next path (See attached image).
Does anyone have a solution to minimize these overshoots?

I am using a Pixhawk 2.1 with the most recent APM stable release. I am using the MarvelMind indoor navigation system instead of a GPS.

Thank you,

Perhaps the wpnav speed is too high and the disk brakes not very efficient?:slight_smile:
There is a parameter for the precision which is 2 meters ( by default ).
So perhaps reduce this parameter and insert intermediate speed change commands before and after each wp…

I do this for precision photos and it works a treat.


I am also using Marvelmind instead of a GPS. I have connected the mobile beacon to the GPS port of pixhawk. Hoever, although the X Y position is OK in Mission Planner, this is not the case with Altitude. Height does not correspond with Z readings of Marvelmind and change a lot over time while Z reading in Marvelmind dashboard is stable and correct.
Did you have similar problems?.