Copter oscillate while flying in wind

hi everyone
my copter oscillating while flying in wind with copter 4. i was flied many times with 3.6.10 at same wind speed without any oscillating
is it normal ?
wind speed was about 6 to 11 km/h

my config :
frame : DJI F450
board : pixhawk 1 (fmu 2)
ESCs : EMAX BLheli oneshot125 20A
Motors : t-motor 2213 920kv
Battery : 4s 5500mah

log file


Barometer under foam…I assume so…but just checing

Yes barometer is under foam
Will it make problem ?

If its not under foam it will be a problem in wind.

I have seen the logs and Roll / DesRoll, Pitch / DesPitch are almost identical so the drone wanted to do those movements to fight against the wind. Maybe the PIDs are very agressive, I would suggest you to do an autotune but there is a bug in AC 4.0.

And I think that you are using Dshot or OneShot, because RCOU C1, C2… show a signal between 125 and 230 (I am not familiar with those protocols) so try to use PWM to control the ESC.