Copter fails to be controlled by pymavlink/guided capabilities

so my problem is, the script no longer performs its intended actions. as shown in the screenshot, im receiving the same command ack result from all sorts of different commands. this pymavlink script used to work perfectly fine. im not sure what the problem is. there hasnt been any crashes, or extreme code changes since the last time the script was ran. the hardware that is running ardupilot is the px4 mini. currently running on 4.1.5 and has been for a while.

some troubleshooting solutions ive tried already include…

changing the baud rate
changing the com/localhost
adding com links
changing firmware versions

im definitely stumped,

is the pixhawk 4 mini still supported? or even allowed to be controlled by guided mode through pymavlink?

any answers or advice would be greatly appreciated

I do not understand the problem.
If it worked once, and you did a change and it no longer works, just revert the change you did.

Im not sure myself. Ive went back and done that as well, but still no luck. Command 511 is apparently “MAV_CMD_SEND_MESSAGE_INTERVAL” but im not sure why its giving me this result if im requesting arming, setting home, takeoff, etc.

I figured out that python 3.10 doesnt install with the pyserial module installed. In order for pymavlink to work when initializing a connection through usb, users must install pyserial. For those who run into the same problem in the future, your usb port might be right, connection might work, but for some reason it wont send the commands. Try “ pip3 install pyserial “. To fix the problem