Copter Does not face RTL direction, No Wind Information, Compass Problem?

I have a copter setup using a Kakute F7 and Arducopter 4.1 with an external GPS/compass. The compass / heading indications on the OSD work fine, but the copter does not face the home waypoint in RTL. ALSO, the windspeed indicator always indicates zero, I suspect this is also caused by some kind of compass problem ??? The compass does pass calibration OK, so I know it works. Anyone have any ideas ???

  • Wind estimation does not work in Copter at the moment, only in Plane.
  • check WP_YAW_BEHAVIOR and go to a distance, since it will not turn for the first second of RTL.

Also check your RC*_DZ parameter, if the RC transmitter glitches, it might be interpreted as pilot YAW

@Eosbandi ArduCopter 4.1 now has windestimation :slight_smile:

Yes I know and it is ingenious :slight_smile: Can’t wait to start of the beta :slight_smile:

OMG !!! I just missed it by a few days, I am using the 4.1 DEV version I downloaded on Monday. I guess I will have to update again, the wind estimate is a feature I really like and use in ArduPlane :slight_smile: